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We have partnered with the top experts in Canada across different relevant sectors to round out our extensive offerings.  Scroll down and meet the team!



CSS is partnered with the top immigration firms in both Canada and the US.  We are unable to market our legal partners on our site due to legalities but look forward to introducing them on our call


CSS is partnered with the top tax attorneys in Toronto.  Our tax firm handles both the US and Canadian side of the border.  We are unable to market our partners on our site due to legalities but look forward to introducing them on our call


We are partnered with top corporate attorneys based in Toronto.  Due to legalities we are unable to market our partners on our site but look forward to introducing them on our call.


Paul supports individuals, families, and businesses moving to Canada with all logistics, tax, financial, health care, real estate, and related considerations. He brings his experience of helping over 1000 clients in the last 16 years as well as expertise gained through 25 years as an international business professor teaching and leading in Canada and abroad. From the very first contact with a client in their home country to on-the-ground meetings in Canada during a move, Paul is dedicated to providing the very best guidance, support, and concierge services.


Bond Consulting: Axel Van Goud, 

Founded in 2005, Bond Consulting Group offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive SR&ED Solution in Canada. We are proud of our very high success rate, almost everything we've prepared over the years has been accepted, the vast majority accepted as filed with no requests from CRA. We have presided over 1000+ successful SR&ED claims. 

Bond Consulting Group and our team of scientists and engineers are dedicated to ensuring the success and approval of the SR&ED claims of our clients.

There is no financial risk. If you do not receive a refund, then our services cost you nothing.

Bond Consulting Group is conveniently located in Toronto, and we serve clients across Canada.

With a team of scientists, technologists and engineers on staff, Bond is clearly focused and specialized in the SR&ED program. We are careful to get your complete strategy right when


Zak founded Canadian Subsidiary Services in 2019.  Prior to CSS, Zak was the first employee and later Vice President of Sales at Broker Genius, a tech startup in New York.  Helping Broker Genius scale to over 100 employees across two offices and continents, Zak understands the complexities and distractions the visa process brings to a business.  After watching close personal friends and critical employees of the company struggle with the Visa process, Zak decided to pursue a better option for companies everywhere.  Zak’s success at his former company was in large part due to his strong relationships and deep care for his clients.  Zak is completely dedicated to the success of his clients, and is determined to help solve this growing issue.